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Black Belt Law Enforcement Veterans who are tactically trained providing Private Security, Guard Services, and Executive Protection in Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky for City, State, and Local Government’s, Celebrities, Companies need to hire a Private Security Contractor Company near them for Private Protection & Security Services like Corporate Security, Active Shooter Protection, Guards, Bodyguards, Executive Protection, VIP’s, Wealthy Families, Celebrities, Musicians, Crisis Response, Private Hostage Rescue, Disaster Response, Civil Unrest & Looting, Corporate Executives, Politicians, and Board of Directors in Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky they trust Dark Site Operations, a professionally trained Missouri Executive Protection Firm owned & operated by Law Enforcement Veterans with over 25 years’ experience in Tactical Training & Experience. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, weekends, and Holidays. We guarantee protection of you, your loved ones, company, assets, or employees from any threats your facing. For a Free Private Security Contractor Consultation please Contact Dark Site Operations today

Private Security Contractors & Private Protection

When people, companies, State or Federal Government, or private entities need to hire a Private underground Military Force for Private Security Contractors, Private Protection, and vast array of other Security Services they call Dark Site Operations, a professional trained, licensed, and insured Private Security Contractor Firm. People trust us because we are owned & operated by Law Enforcement veterans with over 25 years’ experience in Law Enforcement Special Operations, Tactical Training, and Protection work to draw from. For a Free Private Security Contractor Consultation please contact us today.

All Private Security Contractor Services We Offer

Security Guards


Executive Protection

Our Private Security Clients

Wealthy Families, CEO’s, Board of Directors, Oil Companies, Chemical Companies, Financial Institutions, Celebrities, VIP’s, Victims of Domestic Violence, Targets of Kidnap Ransom, Targets of Terrorism, Public Venues, Hostile Divorce Victims, Stalking Victims, Judges, Prosecutors, Law Firms, Gated Communities, Cruise Ships, Resorts, Churches, Pharmaceutical Companies, Diplomats, Political Figures, Witnesses to Crimes, Banks, Financial Institutions

Private Security Contractor Philosophy

Private Security Services are not about putting on a show to parade our client around, so they look like a celebrity. They are about providing the most covert and cutting-edge security solutions available on the market. Our Private Protection Specialists take the time to understand your personal security concerns to insure we give the best service possible. Personal security and peace of mind is our main priority, and we are experts at discretion. If you believe your personal security is in danger from a person group of persons let us help you find the security solutions, you need for peace of mind. Personal Protection includes the following:

Personal Protection & Private Security for Women

For women needing Women’s Personal Protection services because of Stalking, Violent Spouse, Domestic Abuse, Women’s Shelter receiving threats, or Female Celebrities facing death threats we provide a vast array of Women’s Personal Protection Services. Going through a messy divorce can be tough enough, let alone one with Death Threats against you or your kids. Many reasons may have led you to this step, and we take care of you through this difficult time. Whether you are facing death threats, a victim of murder for hire conspiracy, another dangerous situation we can help you from beginning to end. Unlike many protection services for women, we even have safe house security options preventing the aggressors from ever knowing your location, access to your communications, or anything else that may place you in danger.

Executive Protection & VIP Bodyguards

The court system can be biased. We all know that, and it is an unfortunate truth in our world today. Our Executive Protection & VIP Bodyguards take their time to be sure they have everything they need to help you move forward in your protection needs. They are unbiased and care deeply for the well-being whoever they are protecting. You can be sure that the future of your personal safety is in good hands when our Close Protection Agents take on your security detail. Executive Protection & Private Bodyguard Services:

Crisis Response, Civil Unrest, Disaster Response Security

When City, State, or Federal Government needs to hire Security for Crisis & Disaster Response they trust us. We provide an immediate security response to dire situations to aid in search & rescue, evacuation, traffic control, logistical support, medical support, support for Law Enforcement, Security Guard Services for businesses and critical infrastructure, and executive security services.

Threat Surveillance, Intelligence, Monitoring

If you are a small business or Global Corporation, Private Security Services can help you in more ways than one. Our corporate investigators can investigate other corporations you may be working with, employees on workers compensation claims, undercover investigation for embezzlement, stealing trade secrets, or attempts to sneak sensitive information off company or preventing corporate sabotage / espionage. Corporate Surveillance & Security is beneficial for the corporation, its customers, and business partners. The following services are included in business surveillance depending on what your needs are:

Active Shooter, Hostile Employee, Terrorism Prevention Security

Security Design, Workplace Violence / Security Consulting, Armed Response / Threat Assessment, Executive Security Services, Advance Security Team, GPS Tracking Surveillance of Company Vehicles or Employees, Employee Termination Monitoring, Crisis Response / Active Shooter Response, Background Checks / Pre-Employment Screening, Person Surveillance for safety, Private Security Contractors / Armed Guards

Commercial & Residential Security Consulting

Now that you understand how our Private Security Contractors can benefit you, contact us for a Free Private Security Contractor consultation. We are waiting to help you find our best Private Security Contractors for you or your corporation using professional methods that focus on discretion, truth, tactical training, and combat experience. Contact us now to book your consultation and let us help you find the Personal Protection you need to protect you, your family, or interests. Security Design, CCTV Monitoring, Alarm Systems, Security Consulting, Armed Guards

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