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Founder Michael Bland

Executive Protection: Private Protection, Private Special Operations, Bodyguards, Close Protection Mercenaries for Hire

Executive Protection services should provide clients with a feeling of total security and peace of mind. At Dark Site Operations, we understand the role that private protection services can have in affecting the client’s peace of mind when trying to live their life or run their business.

Therefore, we hire only expert private security and private military contractors for all personal protection services we offer. We only hire covert security operatives who are professionally trained, licensed, and insured in each jurisdiction we serve abiding strictly by all local, state, and federal laws concerning the executive protection industry. We protect executives, wealthy families, dignitaries, judges, prosecuting attorneys, victims of domestic violence, VIPs, celebrities, musicians, and families facing possible kidnap ransom or abduction threats.

We have provided event security and anti-stalking investigations for well-known celebrities like Nelly and Taylor Swift as well as millionaire families facing death threats.

To learn more about our private security services and to learn how we can develop a custom-tailored personal protection plan for you, please contact us our private protection consultants are standing by to take your call.

Our Private Bodyguards as Tactical Security Solutions

Our protection services create a safe environment that can become a daily part of anyone needing long-term personal security. Because we are experienced in providing covert security personnel we can implement a vast array of security measures with our expert security consultants, security architects, and event security coordinators.

Our private protection solutions therefore become important threat mitigation tools to allow you as our client to focus on you’re your day-to-day plans whether that is your family, travelling, or running a business, and leave the heavy lifting up to us. Our operators are trained in defensive driving, escape and evasion, wilderness survival, and tactical medical training.

With our staff having 30 years of surveillance and recon experience it makes a formidable adversary for anyone looking to try and conduct surveillance, reconnaissance, or monitor your routine or habits or planning a kidnap or ambush on you, your employees, or loved ones. What separates us is our tactical training received during a vast career in law enforcement learning martial arts, S.W.A.T., and attending 2 sniper schools learning mission planning, tactics, and surveillance – intel gathering.

We have specialized training in neurolinguistics allowing us to better read potential threats to body language as we have received hundreds of hours of formal training in this it greatly separates us from the competition. With our specialized history in private investigations, we can quickly check into any threats received online, by phone, or on social media quickly identify the perpetrator, and prepare a threat workup to validate if they are a threat or just someone with a mental illness or young kid.

With our comprehensive executive protection measures, we analyze possible for possible threats and vulnerabilities that may be in our security plan and rehearse scenarios that may be real threat scenarios you may be facing and we make sure we have our armed emergency response or convoy escort team in top-notch shape.

We sit down and work with you to determine where you spend most of your time, the routes you travel daily, and the places you visit to highlight these in the bodyguard services we are providing you. Therefore, your new private protection plan can have a 99.9% success rate instead of leaving your life to chance.

Learn About our Private Protection & Executive Security Services

With our security services, we can help small and large clients to have a strategic personal security plan that will allow them to sleep at night without any concern. As the lead company in private protection services, we can develop a powerful command presence for any size security requirement.

Please contact our special activities division today to receive a free executive protection consultation for you, your family, or your corporation. Our agents are standing by for your call.

There is no one more well-rounded regarding Executive Protection and bodyguard Services. Michael has spent 30 years in the protection & security industry protecting celebrities and providing state-of-the-art intelligence and security. The thing that separates Michael from most security experts is his background in Investigations. Michael is retired Law Enforcement, attended Ft. Knox Kentucky Army ROTC, St. Louis County Police Academy, served as a Police Chief, and has received sniper training, a vast amount or tactical training, mission planning, competed in full contact fighting most his life, and wilderness survival training. Michel has resources and connections worldwide in the security and investigations industry that provide a seamless network of professional security solutions when someone needs a bodyguard for hire or close protection teams. Michael has a keen eye for threats which is paramount in avoiding ambushes or attacks. Michaels’s vast experience in owning two private investigation firms gives him access to law enforcement databases and intelligence that most executive protection companies could only dream of.

Executive Protection Services in St. Louis, MO, and Across Missouri

At Dark Site Operations, we understand the importance of comprehensive executive protection services for individuals, businesses, and organizations in St. Louis, MO, and throughout the diverse regions of Missouri. Our elite team of security professionals is committed to providing unparalleled security solutions tailored to your specific needs. We proudly extend our services to major cities, towns, regions, and counties across the state.

Why Choose Dark Site Operations for Executive Protection

  1. Elite Security Professionals:

    • Dark Site Operations boasts a team of elite security professionals with extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, military, and specialized security details. Our personnel are highly trained and experienced in executive protection.
  2. Customized Security Plans:

    • We recognize that each client has unique security requirements. Our executive protection services are customized to address your specific concerns, whether you are an individual, corporate executive, or public figure.
  3. Discreet and Professional Approach:

    • Dark Site Operations values discretion and professionalism. Our security personnel operate with the utmost discretion, blending seamlessly into the background while maintaining a vigilant and protective presence.
  4. Global Capabilities:

    • While based in St. Louis, our executive protection services extend beyond city limits. We provide security solutions for clients in major cities, towns, and regions across Missouri, ensuring a comprehensive protective shield.
  5. Threat Assessment and Risk Management:

    • Prior to developing a security plan, our team conducts thorough threat assessments and risk analyses. This proactive approach allows us to identify potential risks and implement effective security measures.
  6. Secure Transportation Services:

    • Dark Site Operations offers secure transportation services to ensure the safe and efficient movement of our clients. Our trained drivers and security personnel are well-versed in defensive driving and protective convoy techniques.
  7. 24/7 Monitoring and Support:

    • Executive protection is not limited to specific hours. Our team provides 24/7 monitoring and support to address any emerging threats or security concerns promptly.
  8. Event Security:

    • Whether attending public events, corporate functions, or high-profile gatherings, our executive protection services include event security. We create a secure environment, allowing you to focus on your activities without worry.
  9. Residential Security:

    • Dark Site Operations provides residential security solutions, securing homes and estates to safeguard clients and their families. Our measures include perimeter security, access control, and surveillance.
  10. Flexibility and Adaptability:

    • We understand that security needs can evolve. Dark Site Operations remains flexible and adaptable, adjusting security plans to accommodate changing circumstances and emerging threats.

We serve clients in major counties, towns, and regions, ensuring a robust security presence wherever your needs may arise.

Contact Dark Site Operations for Unrivaled Executive Protection

For a confidential consultation or to discuss your executive protection requirements, please contact us at [phone number] or email us at info@darksiteoperations.com. Dark Site Operations – Your Trusted Partner for Unrivaled Security Solutions in St. Louis, MO, and Throughout Missouri.


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